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Luciano Perbellini
  • Luciano Perbellini

  • Photographer
Greetings! I’m Luciano, and this is a short story about me (for a proper profile, click on the LinkedIn icon below). I have been a photographer since 1994: I started my career in Brenzoni’s studio in Verona. There I was in charge of the pictures for the “Culture and Shows” section in the local newspaper, as well as tight interactions with the press office of the Fondazione Arena di Verona. I also took care of developing and printing all of the studio’s black and white pictures in the dark room. After 16 years of continuous collaboration with the L’Arena newspaper as well as other national media allowed me to join the Italian Order of Journalists. I love my job, because it lets me meet realities I’d probably never have the chance to see. In particular I really love making reportages, as it lets me tell stories that many will learn only thanks to my work, rather than through the usual mass media. Right after the attacks of September 11, 2001 I went to Afghanistan by myself; this gave me a great deal of experience on reporting on world events on the spot; you can see that and other reportages on my personal website www.lucianoperbellini.com. A project I am particularly proud of is “13 Coins”: for six years Valeria and I travelled across thirteen beautiful countries to tell thirteen unique stories. The project was awarded with the “Book Awards” prize as best reportage book in Europe for 2011 by the Federation of European Photographers. Another side of photography I enjoy is teaching: for seven years I held photography courses for the International Photography Centre of Verona, Italy; I also held several classes for kids in local schools. This underlying idea - to give kids a new tool to tell their stories - is the foundation of a new project called “points of view” which we will start in South Africa along with CTSP (Cape Town School of Photography). I am also interested in photographing art and theatrical performances - since 2010 I have been the official photographer of the Verona’s Fondazione Teatro Stabile. What intrigues me about this world is the fact that it is based on fiction and as such it is not only justified but also expected - unlike reality, where fiction should not exist. Lastly, one word about weddings: I believe doing photography at such events represents well my take on photography, as it allows me to tell important and true stories.

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Mattia Cacciatori
  • Mattia Cacciatori

  • Photographer
Mattia Venturelli
  • Mattia Venturelli

  • Photographer

Hi, I'm Mattia Venturelli and I'm part of the Bottega di Fotografia team. It was 2010 when, after a journey in Santiago, I broke my camera and decided to devote myself more seriously to photography. I feel like a "street" photographer, I am not a son of great photographer and I have learned my way of shooting (and reporting) always bringing with me my camera to capture the world I had around; I was born first of all as Optician and Optometrist at the University of Padua and I deepened my skills on how our brain and our eye (which is a tiny camera) perceives light in all its forms. From 2013 I start to have a more reasoned and clear report on the photographic reportage that has its peak in 2015, collaborating with Mattia Cacciatori and the young group of Marcellise (VR) "Lavori in Corso", to the drafting of a book of stories and that tell the reality of volunteering in the province of Verona. From that year a beautiful friendship was born and I still collaborate with Mattia in the photographic field. In August 2015 and 2016 I was part of the team of photographers of the Film Festival of Lessinia to ensure a daily report of the event. From 2016 until today I work with Sofar Sound Verona to document the succession of artists and musical performances with impact and simplicity.