Here you can find some of the most commonly asked questions. We hope you will find them useful in your choice to let us work for you.

“How do you work?”

We are reporters: both in our work at our own Studio Atelier Bottega di Fotografia and as photojournalists our approach is not to interfere with the reality we are documenting. This professional attitude is reflected in how we work during your wedding: by being invisible and following the flow of your special day. We believe that in such an occasion the groom, the bride and the party should live their emotions fully, without having to worry about the photographer.
Our little secret lies in seizing the beauty that lives in spontaneity, in making people feel at ease and let them have as much fun as they want to.

“How about group pictures?” or “This is all very nice, but if you won’t take a group shot you’ll have a bunch of angry relatives at your door the next day!”

Of course we will take group pictures, with whomever you want to be in them. Also, we usually avoid taking pictures during lunch when everybody is sitting, so to let the guests relax without having to worry about looking good for the camera. Nevertheless, we always try to steal a few shots while nobody is watching – especially during the standing buffet

Are you as expensive as others?

Evaluating a photographer means knowing how much of their material has been published locally and internationally; who were their customers; and on many other variables. Yes, we won awards in Europe. Nevertheless, if you are more comfortable with a hourly wage, we guarantee you that a quick calculation of the numbers of hours we work will be a pleasant surprise.

What does that mean? How many hours do you actually need besides the day of the wedding?

Here is a quick breakdown list of the minimum time required for a complete work:
– 9 hours of actual shooting and filming
– 3 hours for a first selection of the material
– 8 hours for post-production of the chosen files
– 2 hours to meet the new husband and wife to let them chose
– 4 hours for post-production of the material of their choice for the photo album
– 1 hour to evaluate the result
Your turn now: take the offer we gave you, divide it by the time listed above (27 hours), and let us know if whether we are too expensive or not

Will you give us the pictures in high resolution?

If you want to, we will give you the pictures in high resolution. However, we should warn you: in our experience, this does not really make a difference to our customer – besides making their computer really slow and requiring them the purchase of expensive software to open and manipulate the pictures. Many of our competitors won’t give you the pictures as a kind of warranty, but as we said, if you want you are free to have them

Do you use RAW files or JPG?

This question usually comes from a friend of the groom or the bride that loves technology and photography. However, we don’t think it’s really a question worth answering, and here is why: taking pictures directly in JPEG format means not only that you really, really know what you are doing: but also that you don’t think you will need any of the flexibility given by a RAW format.
In the end, we would like to suggest you not to focus only on questions like this one to pick your photographer, but rather on their skills and ability to capture the best moments of your wedding day through their lenses.

How many pictures will you take?

Thankfully, the end result does not depend on the number of pictures taken! Otherwise it would be like selling food or other goods by their weight. Seriously, though – at the end of a job we feel that we must have done everything we could to provide the best result our customer might wish for. This includes making sure that there is no lack of pictures of the most important moments, and that we did not interfere or alter your day by our presence. Nevertheless, in our offers you will find a minimum number of files that you will be given.

How about traditional wedding albums, or photo-books?

We do both traditional wedding albums and photo books. For the former we use the services provided by two excellent Italian craftsmen who never failed to deliver anything the customer had asked. For photo-books we believe we found one of the best printer in Europe, as judged by their work for us and for many others.

Do you also make videos?

Absolutely. Our video will be done in the same style as our pictures: we will not be in your way. We will take care of the post-processing as well as adding an appropriate soundtrack chosen by us or of your choice. Even though we’d like to suggest what will look best, based on our experience, we will be happy to follow your guidelines!
There is a specific section in the menu for this.