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  • Liz & Ian

  • Four months ago we were contacted by this lovely English couple, who entrusted us with their most important day. We wanted to represent this day in the best way possible , in "our" way. we captured their funniest and most delicate moments, we lived together th[...]
  • Evolution

  • Here we are with our first photographic work in Cape Town: a model's photo book. Not only did we take pictures to complete the photo shoot, we also wanted to link the images by telling a simple story... We took advantage of the extraordinary warm light at dawn[...]
Tango at
  • Jeremiha & Businka

  • She's from Russia, he's from Malaysia. Where do they live? In Australia. Where are they going to get married? In Verona, Italy of course. And the witnesses? From Germany! They got in touch with us while we were in South Africa and for such a cosmopolitan coupl[...]
I want a picture with my cat? it possible?
Cesare and Lisa
  • Cesare and Lisa

  • This is our latest job, which we are using to showcase our new blog! We will post a few pictures from each wedding on our blog to show you how we work during each moment of the ceremony and the rest of the day.